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Big Business Expertise for Growing Companies


At our core we are a business advisory and private equity firm, having taken a position in a number of firms both public and private since 2007. Our portfolio companies, that we or our partners have taken stakes in, range in a variety of industries from distribution, cold storage, medical, and renewable energy, to construction and online enterprises. We look for undervalued and under-performing assets, which together with management expertise and / or financial resources or strategic relationships can achieve outstanding results over time. Our talented team of professionals lends our experience, contacts and financial resources to help make these enterprises successful. Often times the exit strategy is to take the Company public.


For our clients that are publicly traded, Belmont has a large amount of expertise in Investor Relations.   Successful public companies take investor relations seriously, as they always need to get in front of new investors to tell their story.  We utilize methods including social media and direct email, and have a copyrighted formula for how to write press releases that receive maximum attention from potential investors.


With our experience in taking companies public, it was natural for us to establish our own sell side Equities Research firm, Belmont Global Research, LLC, which  provides professional equities research to the investor community.  The investment ideas that Belmont Global Research generates are about typically emerging growth companies that will enjoy near-term operational success, but are so far unnoticed by Wall Street.


With the current state of commercial business lending being what it is, we believe that our outside the box approach and depth of financial  knowledge is invaluable for the small to mid-sized business owner/manager in finding the right investor or lender for their business expansion project.


We Get It


Our senior staff have owned, operated, built, and sold their own businesses, in some cases many, many times.  We have been CEOs of public and private companies, we have founded startups, we have bought distressed companies; chances are, if you’re facing it, we’ve seen it.  We’re different from many advisory firms because we have actual real world operational experience, and not just in big business – in small business too.  We understand the unique challenges and opportunities you see every day, and we believe we can help you get to the next level.


What We Do Differently


Our philosophy is a little different from most advisory firms in that we look beyond the traditional corporate finance mindset.  We’re fascinated by finance.  We believe that a strong financial plan is the cornerstone of any successful venture.  We’re up on the trends and happenings in the world’s financial centers, but we’re also realistic.  We know that while interest rate swaps and other interesting derivatives might work well for a huge multinational, they may have dubious relevance to a smaller enterprise.  We leverage our team’s extensive operational experience and pair that with our passion for finance to give you what we believe is a unique perspective on how to accomplish your goals.


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