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We believe that small and medium sized companies need a trusted place to turn for strategic and operational advice to help level the playing field against larger competitors.  In an effort to assist these companies compete and succeed in this most competitive marketplace, we offer industry experience and unique relationships across the globe. We leverage these along with our strength in strategic planning and negotiation expertise.


Belmont Acquisitions offers the following services:



We are, at our core, an advisory firm.  We advise companies on their funding needs,operating structures, marketing strategies, introductions to synergistic alliances, and experts  that can assist with specific challenges or opportunities. Often an engagement with us for advice on a specific matter develops into a broader relationship  as we uncover additional aspects on bringing efficacy to your business and helping you achieve your goals.


Asset-Based Lending

We partner with a number of industry leading and entrepreneurial firms who specialize in asset based lending.  We work directly with our clients and our lending partners to develop a scenario which allows for the client to obtain the needed capital at the best possible price as well as to protect our lender’s interests in a true win-win scenario.  We work with accounts receivable, purchase orders, equipment, contracts, and other situations.


Business Planning

 We approach business planning with the attitude that we must be great listeners and then even better planners.  Our philosophy is that there is no such thing as “can’t” and we strive to find solutions that meet both the criteria of the business objectives but also the personalties of the principles.  Our consideration to all aspects of each and every business sets us apart from those that simply put an analytic hat on with no consideration to the human factor, one which we believe is extremely important.


Our valuation services team has decades of experience using industry standard valuation methods and providing valuations for public and private companies across the business spectrum. Expertly established valuation is required for tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions, insurance related claims etc. We also provide valuation related services such as 409A Valuation, Purchase Price Allocation, Goodwill Impairment Testing, Derivatives Valuation, Portfolio Valuation, Study on Carry Forward of Net Operating Losses (NOLs), and Built-in-gains assessment during C Corp to S Corp Conversion, to domestic U.S. firms supporting their compliance with IRC (Internal Revenue Code) and certain accounting standards. < Read More >


Capital Structure

Our capital structure team has a vast and wide spectrum of experiences in designing the most effective capital structure arrangements for almost any situation.  Our team is dedicated to maximizing value for our clients while providing unique and out of the box recommendations when required.


Debt Renegotiating

Because of our deep experience in turning around many companies that were troubled we have some of the best debt negotiators in the business. They  can help you shed some of the debt on your books that is dragging down performance without the need for a bankruptcy. This enhances your ability to get other financings and actually provides a higher repayment to your creditors- many of whom will still do business with you after settlement.


Due Diligence

Our team has seen nearly every imaginable scenario.  We’ve collectively bought and sold hundreds of businesses, and unfortunately have had some transactions not go exactly as planned.  From that experience, we’ve learned a lot about how to perform effective due diligence on a transaction.  While we can’t guarantee your transaction will go smoothly, having a Belmont Acquisitions advisor assist in your due diligence process can be an invaluable resource.  We have a comprehensive due diligence checklist we work through in conjunction with your team, and item by item determine if a transaction passes or not, and if not, determine if is it a deal breaker or if it can it be worked through.


Financial Modeling

With your input, we develop comprehensive financial models.  The Belmont Acquisitions method involves building financial projects which actually reconcile to cash for each projection period – an accounting profit does the company little good if it runs out of cash!  Another difference to a Belmont Acquisitions financial model is that we take the time to explain – in the document -  the underlying assumptions driving each line item so that anyone looking at your model can immediately follow your thought process and make a better informed decision based on that information.


Investor Relations

We aggressively pursue providing informative  information about the companies we represent which translates into expansive market presence and shareholder confidence.  We urge our clients to be as transparent as possible with their shareholders, and we feel in the long run, by providing the public with as much information as possible, everyone’s interests are better served.  We like to create a collaborative relationship with each of our client’s attorneys and other advisors to maximize this very important aspect in their business. < Read More >


Mergers & Acquisitions

We advise companies and individuals when buying, selling, or merging businesses.  We are also available to assist with a hostile takeover defense.  Our management team is experienced as both advisors and business owners negotiating on their own behalf which provides a unique advantage for anyone we represent. Allow our management team to help you navigate the difficult and complex issues in merging with or acquiring another company.


Real Estate Financing

Through our licensed affiliates we can help you to evaluate various financing options available for real estate development and acquisition, even if your situation does not easily qualify for traditional financing options.


Research Services

Since our growing research group spends countless hours researching markets, macro and micro economic trends, select stocks (both ones that we have an interest in and those we don't), hedge funds and hedge fund strategies, we think that you will find our information to be very helpful to your company. Our research group also supports our Valuation and Due Diligence team with data necessary to throughly vet individual businesses and opportunities. We can also use our extensive experience across a broad range of sectors to help you to assess or validate any topic you need researched.  We will consider a variety of projects from employment impact research, management research, general market research and so forth. < Read More >



Our turnaround management team has over 50 years of turnaround experience.  We advise companies, and  in some cases, creditors, on the most advantageous way to restructure a given distressed situation.  We also work with some of the top bankruptcy attorneys, helping their clients to successfully exit bankruptcy proceedings and move forward to a brighter future.


Stock Lending

Belmont acquisitions has special relationships that provide exceptional service on high loan to value loans without personal guarantees on many of the stock of public companies traded in the United States and Europe. This is  a great way to diversify your portfolio and obtain some liquidity without necessarily selling a stock that you still believe in.


Unsecured Business Financing

We believe our proprietary unsecured business financing program is unique in the industry.  Subject to the terms and conditions of the particular program we can fund up to $1 million without a personal guarantee (in most cases).



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