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Investor Relations

Our investor relations philosophy is simple – It begins with clarity and consistency in all of your communication whether to potential investors, shareholders, vendors, auditors, customers, and regulators. Our very simple rule of thumb is- "If you were the sole owner of that business, would you want to know the given information even if it is not required to be disclosed?”  If the answer is yes, we feel it should be disclosed. We therefore urge our clients to be as transparent as possible with the public, and we feel in the long run, by providing the public with as much clear and concise information as possible, everyone’s interests are better served.


Our dedicated staff will work with you to develop a clear, compliant, simple message or mantra about your business that you will use on your website, customer literature, the bottom of your press releases and of course in your regulatory filings. We will take over the management of your regulatory filings, specifically the Management Discussion and Analysis ("MD&A") section, the Investor Relations Section of your website, preparation of Company Profiles and press releases so that they are all consistent and put your business in the best possible light, all in consultation with your securities counsel and within the regulations and with the final approval of your company’s management. Our professionals will also consult with your financial, accounting, tax and auditors to ensure that you are getting the most favorable accounting treatments while remaining totally transparent.  Our goal in Investor Relations is to take the "burden of being public" off your shoulders and place it on ours in a very cost effective arrangement for you: keeping in mind that earnings per share is what ultimately drives share price. This allows you to focus on running your business and providing consistent operating results that can be seen by and measured by the investing public.


Through our relationship with Belmont Global Research we can provide information to our database of investors and provide research reports; both through our firm and other independent analysts. We have a broad range of industry relationships which can help our investor relations clients including but not limited to respected law firms and auditors who specialize in small public companies, brokers and market makers who will work with your company to meet your shareholder’ needs.



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